The Saint Germain PrimeTimers

are a group of people 50 and better who are
in the know and on the go!

Who are the Saint Germain PrimeTimers ?

A social group of over 100 members,
organized for those wanting to actively age.
Our meetings usually have a short program with
a special speaker on subjects of interest,
a short business meeting
and a social time with snacks and coffee.

We meet at 1:30 PM the first Wednesday of each month in Room 6
of  the St Germain Community Center on the corner of Highways 70 and 155.
Come join us us, listen to our speaker and share in some light refreshments.
If you have questions, you can mail us at:
St Germain PrimeTimers
PO Box 281
St Germain, WI 54558

What is a Saint Germain PrimeTimer ?

Everyone has their own reason for being a PrimeTimer.
We have many who join us because we offer fun activities.
Some join for our fund-raising activities that yield our philanthropic
donations for local non-profit organizations.
We find many others have trouble making efforts to do anything other
than eat, sleep, and go to doctor’s appointments or church on Sundays.
All studies have shown that active people live longer.
This is what PrimeTimers are all about.
We want people to enjoy one another’s company and be active.
We want to see you at our activities.