Theater Plays

The St Germain PrimeTimers currently have no plans to attend any play or concert.

The Campanile Center For the Arts is located in Minocqua.
Lakeland Union High School is located in Minocqua.
Northland Pines High School is located in Eagle River.
The Three Lakes Center for the Arts is located in…Three Lakes!
The Grand Theater is located in Wausau

We typically leave the Saint Germain Community Center around 4:30 p.m.
We arrange carpooling and go to a different restaurant each time.  After dining, we go to the play.  Afterwards we often stop at Culver’s for ice cream or coffee.  Then back to the Saint Germain Community Center to our individual cars and home.

You do not need to dine with the group, but we need to know by Monday of that week.
When possible we will assist you with carpooling with others who are not dining with us.